Recover A Deleted Worksheet Sheet Tab in Excel

You probably have discovered that when you (accidentally) delete a sheet there is no Undo option to bring it back. One solution is to close your workbook without saving the changes and then reopen it in its original state. But what if you have made substantial changes to your workbook that you don’t want to lose?
Here is a solution…

  1. Save your workbook with a different filename (File, Save As…)
  2. Re-open your original workbook.
  3. Copy the sheet that you need to recover from the original workbook to the new renamed workbook.
  4. Close the original workbook.
  5. Save the (renamed) workbook using the original name. You will be prompted to overwrite the original file. Click Yes.
  6. Once you have determined that your workbook is functioning properly, you can delete the redundant (renamed) workbook

Once you see this, it seems like very logical solution but I frequently see people recreate all of their work because that have been told that you cannot recover a deleted sheet tab.

2 Responses to “Recover A Deleted Worksheet Sheet Tab in Excel”

  1. Cain Ullah says:

    What if I’ve made significant changes to the sheet that I accidently deleted?

    Kind Regards

  2. Francis Hayes says:

    If you have saved your workbook since you deleted the sheet you may be out of luck. If you delete a sheet and immediately realize your mistake, you could save the version of the workbook you have open with a different filename. Then open the original workbook containing the deleted sheet and copy your recent changes to the original workbook. If the sheet you deleted is also the one you made significant changes to before saving, you ‘re out of luck

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